Growing Cannabis

Seed vs. Clones Traditionally, the method of creating replicable genetics was to back cross or breed different phenotypes together multiple times, to produce batches of seeds that have relatively consistent genetics. Which is why there aren’t different phenotypes available for older strains. However, modern practices can yield almost exact copies of the plant. The most Read more about Growing Cannabis[…]

Outdoor vs. Green House vs. Indoor

To start, let’s set the record straight. None of these methods are better or worse than the other. None of these methods will naturally produce better weed than another. Now that’s out of the way, the main differences between the three styles is the amount of control the grower has over the environment and the Read more about Outdoor vs. Green House vs. Indoor[…]

The Process That Created Seedless Cannabis

Cannabis wasn’t always the beautiful frosty well-structured buds that we know today. Cannabis used to always have seeds, it produced small sporadic buds and didn’t have near the THC content cannabis has today. The major catalyst in that change was the discovery of growing female plants by themselves with no male plants present. When the Read more about The Process That Created Seedless Cannabis[…]

Sativa vs. Indica – Where Do They Come From?

The biggest differentiation made between breeds of cannabis are Sativas and Indicas. We generally equate Sativa with an upbeat and more cerebral high, with Indica being a more sedating body high. The true difference between Sativa and Indica however is the climate in which the genetics develop. Sativas were originally found in warmer climates closer Read more about Sativa vs. Indica – Where Do They Come From?[…]