December 14, 2018


-Base Loyalty-
Sign up and receive 10% off first purchase Earn 10 points for every dollar you spend. 100 points can be redeemed for $1 off your next purchase. That is $10 back for every $100 you spend. * Loyalty points many not be stacked with daily specials. * Points may not be stacked with senior, military or industry discounts. * Loyalty rewards may be redeemed up to 50% off the original menu price. * State law prohibits us from selling a product for less than our cost plus tax. Some product may be excluded from discounts in order to comply with this regulation.
-Connoisseur’s Club-
(VIP MEMBERS) Save 1000 Points and redeem to be VIP member. VIP members receive additional 5% off all daily specials and promotions/sales. Exclusive access to specials – Newsletters highlighting specific vendors/ products offering promocodes for extended time periods that can be redeemed in store for 10% discount. For every additional 500 points earned after, receive 30% off any paraphernalia purchase.
-Everyday Discounts-
15% Off: * Military (must have valid military ID). * Seniors (55+) * Birthdays (must be their actual birth date). * Students 15% Off: * Last Item In Bin. 20% Off: * All Medical Transactions (must be a medical patient or a designated provider). * Industry Discount (Must provide valid employee ID badge and or current paystub)